Grand Vision Media Group is an integrated out-door digital media company with a difference. We are deploying innovative display and marketing technologies at strategic, high-traffic locations. Our glasses-free 3D technology in digital out-of-home (OOH) media is enabling advertisers to engage with affluent consumers in important and growing markets such as China and elsewhere around the world.

1. Where we came from

Founded in Hong Kong in 2014 by a group of seasoned media and IT executives, we saw the opportunity to deploy glasses-free 3D technology in cinemas to take advantage of the growth in audiences in China in terms of box office, number of cinemas and number of viewers. In addition to traditional advertising revenue, we set out to monetise the benefits generated by user interaction with 3D panels by targeted social media advertising and, also by profit sharing from transactions.

2. Who we are now and where we are going

Having now installed over 200 screens in 180 locations in cities in China, we are growing our business further within China and taking our technologies and expertise to new markets.

In June 2018 we listed our Group on The London Stock Exchange helping us to attract further investment to build out our business within China itself; the company's current footprint in China represents less than 5% of the market there.

The digital signage market globally is expected to reach almost $30bn by 2024, compared to approximately $15bn in 2015. We believe that this growth will be driven not only by new, higher resolution displays and new types of technology, but also by integrating digital displays with customers' smart phones.

Our strategy is to adopt new mobile proximity technologies, such as Bluetooth beacons, to increase the value proposition and to offer advertisers the ability to collect market data on customers, as well as to conduct highly targeted and personalised campaigns.

We are using the experience gained in the Chinese market to build into other similar growth markets such as Taiwan, Korea, Malaysia and Japan.

Products and Services

We have developed multiple revenue streams for our business: advertising on panels and other OOH media; content production, events and exhibitions; and revenue generated from digital marketing campaigns, including social media. Although revenue is generated from all of these sources, the first of these revenue streams - advertising on panels and other OOH media - is presently the Group's largest revenue generator.